The Camp 10 is a fully equipped sports facility in Kalamata.

Our vision and unique goal is, through the variety and quality of our programs, their proper coaching design, appropriate sports equipment and our well trained staff, to offer you a complete fitness plan and a unique training experience in order to be healthier and more functional in your everyday life, to achieve your personal goals and to become a way of life.


Camp 10 is the revolution in Fitness, offering Secure Exercise without boundaries.

We have a unique concept, and we follow a specific methodology for the first screen of our clients, regular re-screen of the course and make sure that exercise can become a way of life and achieve your personal goals.

Our workouts are so effective that our customers are systematically screen to make sure their exercises are safe and beneficial to them even when they are in a group! It’s really exciting to see the evolution and improvement every time!


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jItsu), are the fastest growing sports in the world. Their development is rapid and they make them the most popular and comprehensive combat sports in the world.

As in any professional team, so at The Camp 10, our staff collaborates with top sports representatives by combining techniques, tactics and fitness to produce the best results on the level of top athletes.

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Online Training

Through our “On-demand workouts”, “Live streaming workouts” and “Individual distance coaching” online services, we provide you with training from anywhere and anytime you want!

In our place you will find services such as:








The Camp 10 - Γυμναστήριο Καλαμάτα - Fitness - MMA BJJ - Υπηρεσίες

In every client before starting the exercise program ask for medical certificate confirm that the state of health at this stage, allowing it to participate in an organized exercise program. At the same time completes a full health history questionnaire.

The Camp 10 by Zeus - Sports center Kalamata - Fitness - BJJ - MMA

Every client before the start of the program goes through a functional assessment that aims to ensure that later training does not cause excessive and unnecessary stress of the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory system, which can lead to undesirable effects such as acute incidents and injuries. So we can see muscle imbalances and asymmetries, and possible movements that cause pain.

The Camp 10 by Zeus - Sports center Kalamata - Fitness - BJJ - MMA

The ability to train is through large groups of at most 12 people where the clients will have a functional training program with personalized exercises and his goal will be general. Also to people who have a personalized goal or their peculiarities do not allow them to join a large group they are directed to a smaller group of three people.

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Our trainings are designed on the basis of the guidelines of large organizations in the field of exercise such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) their research identifies the need for a comprehensive exercise solution that offers practitioners a better function and better control over their body while improving all their health indicators. Aiming for well-being.

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Another part that makes us stand out is that we follow the newer trend and philosophy of efficient exercise that escapes the ``classic`` approach of the gym where exercises are performed in isolated muscle groups or even worse in isolated muscles movements, which have nothing to do with the movements that exist in everyday life and focus on the strengthening and controlled activation of body muscles.

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The equipment used varies according to the goal of the training. Apart from much of the equipment included in the functional training such as (swing-balance boards, bosu, balls, rollers, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bands, suspension, cable pulleys, etc.), there is also use of equipment that improves cardiorespiratory such as Airbike , Spin Bike, Rowing Machine, Skierg, which are environmentally friendly since no electricity is used.

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Finally, there are also self-defense sections where men, women and children can take part in order to protect themselves from any threats of physical integrity.