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Our philosophy

At Camp 10 we believe that exercise contributes to the mental balance and improve quality of life. In any practitioner before starting the exercise program ask for medical certificate confirm that the state of health at this stage, allowing it to participate in an organized exercise program. At the same time completes a full health history questionnaire.


The team of The Camp 10 specializes in both traditional benefits (strength machines, cardio, group training), and the Group Personal (boutique). Our main goal is to meet the needs not only of the simple practitioner and anyone wants extra care and guidance.

Our staff collaborates with top MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jItsu) representatives by combining techniques, tactics and fitness to produce the best results on the level of top athletes.

Our Team

of dedicated professionals

The Camp 10 – Γυμναστήριο Καλαμάτα – Fitness – ΜΜΑ – BJJ – Θεόδωρος Βασιλόπουλος
Theodoros Vasilopoulos
Physical education teacher

Graduate of the Academy of Sofia Bulgaria (Vasil Levski), MSc, PhD. Black belt holder (1 Dan) by Grand Master Reyson Gracie (9 Dan). MMA trainer.

The Camp 10 – Γυμναστήριο Καλαμάτα – Προπονητής – Μιχαήλ Ζαχαρόπουλος 1
Michael Zacharopoulos
Sports Coach

Graduate of the professional school of coaching education, department of coach of sports-athletes specializing in football.

Γυμναστήριο Καλαμάτα – The Camp 10 – Χαρά Ζαχαροπούλου – Front desk manager 1
Hara Zaharopoulou

Graduate of the House of Performing Arts school.

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